Day: February 1, 2016

Smooth NewYork

Smooth New York, a skin care and laser center, opened this week at the offices of Manhattan plastic surgeon Steven Wallach, at 1049 Fifth Avenue. Wallach will oversee all procedures, from BOTOX® injections to Broadband Light photo-rejuvenation therapy, in addition to his specialized practice in body contouring and facelifts. With this affiliation with Smooth New …

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New Beauty

The thirties often is a time of alterations in lifestyle and body structure. More and more women are waiting until their thirties to have children. “After a woman has children, she can lose volume,” explains New York City plastic surgeon Steven Wallach, M.D. Pregnancy brings weight gain and hormone changes that alter the shape of …

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Knowing what to expect in the E.R. can help you keep calm through an understandably trying experience. Some basics: Plan ahead Ask your pediatrician which hospitals she can admit patients to and which one she recommends for pediatric emergencies. If you’re covered by managed care, ask which hospitals are affiliated with your plan. Review your …

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“It’s safer, and it’s really good for some areas, especially hip rolls, male chest, back. But with the thighs and abdomen, you can usually use classic liposuction to mechanically suck out the fat.” Dr. Wallach “Most of what was going on was people trying to limit the amount of scarring they put on the breasts. …

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Family Circle

Neck lifts can correct problems under the chin created by loose skin, excess fat or muscle tension. The approach taken will depend on the specific cause, explains Steven Wallach, M.D., a New York City plastic surgeon. For loose skin alone, an incision is made behind the ear, skin is redraped and excess removed. If isolated …

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‘This fat can be found on all types of women, from las mas flaquitas to las mas gorditas. “It’s mostly hereditary,” says Steven Wallach, M.D., a plastic sur­geon in New York City. What causes those popcorn-like dimples? “They occur when the conjoined fibers that hold fatty tissue between layers of skin are pulled taut or …

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There has been success in flattening keloids (knobby growths of scar tissue most common in people of Mediterranean or African descent) by first having the keloid sliced or frozen off, followed by a series of steroid injections – one right after surgery then three follow-up shots over the next three months (cost: de­pending on the …

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American Fashion

“Retin-A bulks up the skin so the chemicals can penetrate as evenly and effectively as possible,” says Steven Wallach, M.D., a New York City plastic surgeon who conducts pre- and postop skin-care seminars (“Basically ‘Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Plastic Surgery but Were Afraid to Ask,’” he says with a laugh”) for aestheticians …

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How its Done

Made from botulinum toxin (yes, the same poison that causes botulism when ingested), an outpatient injection of Botox into the frown lines, crow’s-feet or forehead creases paralyzes facial muscles, smoothing them out, says Steven Wallach, M.D., a New York City plastic surgeon. Sometimes a local anesthetic is used, although many patients go without it. Pros: …

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Can Exercising My Facial Muscles Prevent My Skin From Sagging?

I wish. Unless you don’t eat or talk or laugh or cry – or you’ve overdone it with the BOTOX® – you’re exercising your facial muscles all day long, says Steven G. Wallach, MD, assistant clinical professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. Your skin sags …

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Lift Off

“Smartlifting” is the latest attempt to put a prettier face on the face-lift. Trademarked by Cleveland-based plastic surgeon Richard D. Gentile, MD the procedure repurposes the Nd:YAG, a long, narrow laser designed to melt fat in laser-assisted lipo. After incisions, Gentile inserts the device under the skin to help separate it from underlying tissues and …

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Dr. Steven Wallach, New York City Plastic Surgeon was a featured guest on the Doctor Radio on Sirius XM

Dr. Steven Wallach, was a guest expert on Sirius XM Radio’s “The Doctor Show,” to talk Facts & Fiction with world-renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston. This informative series highlights experts in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery to share their insights on what’s trending in the field. During the show listeners called in …

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Virtual Consultations

To help work around your busy schedule, Dr. Wallach offers one on one virtual consultations over Skype to patients on Mondays & Thursdays.

Please fill out the information below and a member of our staff will reach out to you to confirm a 30-minute time slot and provide additional information needed for the appointment.