Chemical Peels in Manhattan

Will a chemical peel cause my skin to appear whiter than the rest of my face?
Chemical peels treat the superficial layers of the skin and cause the skin to reorganize the collagen to a more youthful state. This in turn can cause many of the fine lines to soften and flatten out. The deeper the peel the more effective it is to improve the lines. But, the deeper the peel the more likely the face will stay red like a sunburn. The longer it stays red the more likely it will get whiter too when it is completely healed. This has been the result with many of the deeper peels like Phenol. Intermediate peels using Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) are not as effective with line treatment for each individual treatment but can be repeated several times to get the desired effect without causing the skin to become hypopigmented (or white).


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