From Flab-ulous to Fabulous: New York City Arm Lift

If you haven’t worn your favorite sleeveless tops and dresses for a long while as a result of your sagging skin and excess fat in the upper arm area, a New York City arm lift may just help you go from flab-uolous to fabulous! Dr. Steven Wallach is a highly experienced brachioplasty surgeon who employs modern techniques in toning and improving the appearance of your upper arms.

Ideal Candidates

  • Individuals who just experienced massive weight loss and left with a substantial amount of hanging skin in the arm area
  • Individuals with hanging skin in their upper arms as a result of aging
  • Individuals who are in excellent physical and mental health as well as achieved a stable weight within 6 months

Techniques by Dr. Wallach

  • Mini brachioplasty is an arm lift technique where the excision is only limited to the axilla.
  • Full brachioplasty is performed in to excise excess fat and skin from your elbow to the upper arm.
  • Extended full brachioplasty includes the excision of excess fat and skin from your elbow to your arms and lateral chest.

For more information about brachioplasty in New York, contact Dr. Wallach’s Manhattan offices by calling (212) 861-6400 or by filling out this contact form.

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