How to Get the Best Outcomes from Laser Hair Removal

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More and more patients undergo laser hair removal to effectively and permanently remove body and facial hair. This popular option has long been granting significant effects to individuals who wish to have smoother and flawless skin. However, the quality and duration of the effects could vary for each patient. Some results may not go as well and as long as others, but you can get the most out of your laser hair removal by following these tips:

  1. Know that a laser hair removal treatment works well on individuals with light skin and dark hair. Since this is so, you may artificially darken your hair if it is light-colored.
  2. Avoid other methods that remove the hair by its roots, such as waxing and tweezing, six weeks before your laser hair removal treatment. As preparation for the procedure, you may only shave or make use of a depilatory such as Nair on your hair. These methods only remove the hair on the surface of the skin.
  3. Consult a reliable doctor and technician. Before anything else, consult a physician and meet the technician who will perform the procedure. You may have to undergo a test pulse to see how the treatment will work on you.
  4. Shaving right before the laser hair removal treatment will help minimize pain during the procedure.
  5. Avoid drinking or eating food that contain caffeine 24 hours before the procedure. Caffeine can interfere with your tolerance to pain. Avoiding it can help you deal with pain better and get you relaxed during treatment.
  6. Expect pain during treatment. Most patients who have undergone laser hair removal describe the sensation as rubber bands snapping against your skin or tweezing several hairs all at once.
  7. Have clear expectations. During the next 24 after treatment, the treated hairs will not grow. After this time, the hairs will start to come out at such rate until they are expelled enough to be removable. This process is characterized as a “shedding” of the hair and can be managed with the use of a washcloth.

To learn more about laser hair removal and to know how to prepare for the procedure, get in touch with us today by calling 212-861-6400. We look forward to hearing from you!

Steven Wallach MD

Steven Wallach MD

Dr. Wallach is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City who specializes in performing cosmetic procedures of the face, breast and body. As one of the cutting edge experts in the field, Dr. Wallach consults on a regular basis with people in the beauty, media, and publishing worlds.

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