Fat Injections in New York

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get the fat for injection?

The fat used for injection is harvested from the patient directly. This can be obtained from the abdomen, flank, or thigh; almost anywhere on the body that has subcutaneous fat present.

Will it last forever after being injected?

Fat injections that “take” in the face is an imperfect science, and often requires multiple treatments to get the desired effect. Once the fat “takes” it can last forever.

Can I use fat from my body to inject into my buttocks?

Fat injection to the buttocks is an extremely popular procedure especially here in New York City. It is usually referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift. If a patient has enough fat in other areas to harvest from then this fat can be processed and injected into the buttock region. A side benefit of the harvest process is liposuction contouring of other body areas. Contouring the lower back and flanks and possibly the thighs can accentuate the results that can be obtained in the buttocks. Usually the take is between 60-75% and sometimes higher. The procedure can be repeated to achieve the desired result if there are adequate donor sites.

I want a more permanent augmentation to my lips what is a good product for this?

While Hyaluronic acid fillers are excellent products used to augment the lips, sometimes fat is used to get the same desired result. Fat can also be permanent, although in the lips it is sometimes more difficult for it to last.

I have contour deformities after liposuction, how can I fix this?

Contour deformities can occur after liposuction. In this case it may be the result of under treatment or over treatment. The cause of the contour deformities will vary from patient to patient. Some may need further liposuction, and some may need fat injection. Others may require both to achieve the final result.

How long will fat grafts last?

Fat grafts can be permanent. For fat to survive there needs to be an adequate donor bed with good vascularity. In general, fat graft “take” is usually about 60-75% and sometimes more. Once it “takes” it lasts a lifetime.

What can happen if my weight changes after receiving fat injections?

If a patient’s weight fluctuates after fat injection, the fat injected will respond accordingly. So if a patient gains weight, the area that was fat injected may get larger. The opposite will happen if one loses weight.


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