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DREEAM Facelift Plus NYC

A DREEAM facelift plus (DFL+) is similar to the DREEAM facelift (DFL), except that fat is used instead of hyaluronic acid filler products. Fat is a natural product that can be harvested from a multitude of sites. The most common harvest site is from the abdomen. The fat is processed and then used as a facial filler to redistribute, enhance, and possibly equalize the soft tissue mounds of the face. Unlike a DFL, the DFL+ can lead to permanent results.


The DREEAM facelift plus is different than a DREEAM facelift in that fat is used for augmentation instead of absorbable facial fillers. For a DFL+, fat is harvested from a donor site, processed, and then delicately injected into the face to enhance, equalize, and redistribute fat. Unlike in a DFL, the DFL+ can be permanent. But, the DFL+ will require some anesthesia to perform the procedure. This can entail local anesthesia and/or sedation. The DFL+ usually takes about an hour to complete. Unlike a surgical facelift, the recovery is usually quicker, and the procedure is shorter and less invasive.

“I believe true confidence comes from a feeling of self-assuredness from one’s inner self. However, I also believe that it is heavily impacted by a lack of confidence with one’s outside appearance as well. Plastic surgery can help improve confidence in this way.”

Steven Wallach, MD


Candidates for a DREEAM facelift plus (DFL+) are similar to a DREEAM facelift (DFL) patient. This is commonly performed in patients that have some facial wasting but have reasonable good skin elasticity. It can also be performed in those patients who are not good candidates for a surgical facelift or those that do not want to have an invasive procedure.


The recovery from a DREEAM facelift plus is relatively easy. There may be some bruising and some swelling of the treated areas. It is recommended that patients keep their head elevated in bed to minimize swelling. Ice packs can be used intermittently to help minimize bruising. Often patients will take a day or two off from work after the procedure. Usually they can go back to aerobic activities within a week.

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