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Patient 49723

Age: 43 PROCEDURE: Circumareolar Mastopexy with Revision Breast Augmentation The patient is 5’ 2”, 130lbs wears a 34DD bra. She previously had breast augmentation with saline implants with a total of 485 cc’s in the right and 470 cc’s in the left.  She complained of her sagging breasts, the feel of her saline implants,  and the indented area …

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Patient 54068

Age:27 PROCEDURE: Breast Revision Exchanging for Smaller Implants The patient is a 27 year old female 5’5″, weighs 125 lbs and desires smaller implants 5 years after her original revision. She had a circumareola approach with lateral pocket capsulorrhaphy to accommodate the smaller implants. On the right she had a 250 cc smooth round Moderate Plus Profile …

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Patient 14187

Age:22 PROCEDURE: Breast Revision Exchanging for Smaller Implants The patient is 5′ 5″, 128 lbs and wears a 34D bra. She had a previous complete submuscular breast augmentation through a periareolar approach by another surgeon. 550cc High Profile smooth round saline implants were used and filled to the maximum fill. The patient wanted smaller implants using a …

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