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Your face defines you, and having flattering and harmonious features can come with a lot of benefits. Dr. Wallach is a board certified facial plastic surgeon with years of experience in creating balanced, masculine profiles in men looking for a boost to their career and romantic lives. Learn more about our best surgical facial rejuvenation procedures.

Brow Forehead Lift

Over time and because of gravity, the forehead can begin to lose its youthful and upright appearance. Although injectable treatments can be effective, deep lines and sagging can require a surgical lift. The brow lift can rejuvenate the upper face, leaving you looking awake and refreshed.

Chin Augmentation

A sculpted, defined, and balanced chin is a classic masculine feature. It balances the nose and brings strength and definition to the face. Chin augmentation can help bring the chin forward and define the jawline using implants and other techniques.

Eyelid Surgery

Both the upper and lower eyelids can become puffy and saggy over time, making you look more tired or sad than you feel. Eyelid surgery can lift and correct the eyelids, removing fatty deposits and excess, sagging skin for a refreshed and awake look.


The facelift is well known as the gold standard in facial rejuvenation. With specialized surgical techniques, it can lift and smooth the midface by tightening underlying tissues and removing excess skin. Dr. Wallach offers a selection of facelift techniques so you can benefit from the one that fits you best.

Facial Fat Injection

Although injectables are a great way to restore volume, they only provide temporary results and may not be the best option for some patients. Facial fat grafting is a natural alternative that can restore volume to areas where you need it using fat from stubborn deposits elsewhere on your body. Dr. Wallach can perform an effective liposuction procedure to gather fat for this quick and easy procedure.

Neck Lift

The neck lift is an effective surgical option to refine and sculpt the jawline by removing excess skin and fat. Aging and gravity can cause the chin and jawline to sag and loose definition, requiring a surgical lift. A neck lift can be a great option to restore the profile after weight loss.


Although most people don’t think much about their ears, they can draw negative attention for men who have protruding or overly-large ears. An otoplasty procedure is a quick and easy way to reduce the size and projection of the ears, bringing them into better balance with the head.


A well-defined and proportionate nose is a key masculine feature, although genetics can be a determining factor in the nose you have and how it fits your face. A rhinoplasty procedure can refine and reshape the nose so it’s in harmony with the rest of your features, as well as correct injuries that affect its function.

I Love Dr. Steven Wallach, hands up with praise and his receptionist Ashley and other staff is amazing. I love my new Wallach body if I could rate 100 stars I would.

Melisa G.

New York, NY

I got Lipo 360 and Lipo done to my inner thighs and it was honestly the best experience . Everyone in the office including him make sure I knew everything that was happening and honestly I love the results so much !!

Brittani P.

New York, NY

I’m so happy with the results from the Botox shots that Dr. Wallach performed on me. He spent a lot of time talking about the different fillers that would make my face look the most natural and youthful.


New York, NY

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