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Revision Rhinoplasty

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Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure designed to improve upon or correct a previous nose job. Unfortunately, sometimes after an initial rhinoplasty, patients remain unsatisfied with how their nose looks or functions. Revision rhinoplasty can address these concerns. There might be new functional issues that can lead to worsening breathing difficulties or chronic sinusitis. Cosmetic issues could include an asymmetrical appearance, a bulbous or pointy tip, an unnatural-looking slope, and nostrils that are too wide or narrow.

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If you live in New York City and are considering revision rhinoplasty, schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Wallach. Serving both local patients and those that travel to Manhattan for his expertise, Dr. Wallach has the experience and skill to deliver meaningful improvements. Let Dr. Wallach and his team show you what can be accomplished with skilled revision rhinoplasty. Call (212) 861-6400 to speak with a scheduling coordinator, or fill out this form.

What You Need to Know About Revision Rhinoplasty

If you’re not pleased with the results of a previous nose job, Dr. Wallach can help. He specializes in corrective procedures to fix respiratory issues and create a nasal appearance that will bring your whole face into balance.

You’re far from alone in wanting revision surgery. In fact, around 10-15% of patients request a revision after their initial surgery. [1] Even though rhinoplasties are one of the most commonly performed facial cosmetic surgeries, they are considered one of the most difficult to perform, have unpredictable outcomes, and have one of the lowest satisfaction rates. [2]

As a result, revision rhinoplasty is frequently an even more challenging procedure, and not all surgeons perform this procedure. The complex anatomy of the nose, and any incidental scar tissue or structural damage to the nose from the initial rhinoplasty pose unique difficulties. That’s why selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience with both rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty is key. 

What Went Wrong?

There are many reasons why patients might be left unsatisfied with the results of their initial rhinoplasty, including:

  • It’s possible that your surgeon didn’t explain the potential limitations of rhinoplasty as thoroughly as they could have.
  • Perhaps your doctor overlooked what you wanted and just did a generic operation that doesn’t harmonize with your other facial features.
  • The scar tissue from your last nose job may have affected the shape of your nose, and your ability to breathe correctly.
  • Your nasal passages may have been narrowed to the point where you’re having trouble breathing, or experiencing nasal valve collapse.

What are the Benefits of Revision Rhinoplasty?

Fortunately, nasal surgical approaches have become exceedingly refined over the last decade. So if you’re unhappy with a nose job you got years ago, know that there may be new techniques that allow your concerns to be addressed, even if they were not previously. 

  • With this helpful treatment, you can achieve a nose that looks more appealing and balanced with the rest of your face.
  • Revision rhinoplasty not only improves your breathing but also corrects any other functional issues.
  • Revision rhinoplasty can give you the desired results, helping to improve confidence and quality of life.

Although revision rhinoplasty has many advantages, there are a few disadvantages that need to be taken into account. For instance, this type of surgery is generally more complex than primary rhinoplasty, which could lead to a longer healing time. [2] In addition, Dr. Wallach must address any scarring from the previous surgery and the tissue surrounding the nose might be thinner.

If you’re still undecided, why not consult with Dr. Wallach? He can assuage any concerns and develop a unique treatment plan – one designed specifically for you.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty may be necessary for patients who are unhappy with the results of their previous surgery, have experienced complications, or have difficulty breathing. 

Common complications of primary rhinoplasty include:

  • Saddle nose deformity
  • Internal and external nasal valve collapse
  • Pollybeak deformity
  • Insufficient or over-aggressive dorsal hump reduction

It can take up to a year to see the final results from a rhinoplasty, and patients are typically advised to wait at least 12 months or more before having another surgery, however, there are exceptions.

Before getting revision rhinoplasty, patients must be physically and psychologically healthy. They should know that additional surgery may still not give them the exact results they want, even if it can achieve meaningful improvements. 

Scheduling Your Personal Consultation

Call (212) 861-6400 to speak with our scheduling coordinator who will help you book an appointment with Dr. Wallach. You can also request an appointment online. We’ll follow up with you to confirm the details of your consultation.

During your consultation, you will meet with Dr. Wallach to discuss your goals and concerns. He will examine your facial structure, listen to your concerns, and assess your medical history and current health. Dr. Wallach will examine both the inside and outside of your nose. He will also take photographs for surgical planning purposes. If you have one, please bring a “before” picture to your consultation so Dr. Wallach can compare it with your current nasal appearance, and the revision rhinoplasty results you desire.

Dr. Wallach wants this to be your last rhinoplasty, ever. We’ll answer all of your questions, listen to any concerns you have, and support you each step of the way.

Preparing for Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery

Before your nose job correction surgery, we will also provide you with instructions that are tailored to your specific case so that you can best prepare for the procedure and recovery. Patients are typically advised to:

  • Stop smoking at least four weeks in advance.
  • Arrange a ride and/or a friend or family member to escort you to and from our clinic on the day of your procedure.
  • Schedule the necessary time off work.
  • You will be unable to wear eyeglasses that rest on your nose, so you may need to order an adequate supply of contact lenses.

What to Expect During Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Wallach will have carefully planned your surgery before he begins, but there is no way to tell how much scarring is present and what the condition of the tissue is until he accesses the interior of your nose. Depending on the revisions that will need to be made, Dr. Wallach will place strategic sutures to adjust the angling of the cartilage or remove any unnecessary tissue.

In certain cases, revision rhinoplasty may require taking cartilage from another part of your body to provide support or enhance the shape of the nose. The cartilage graft is frequently taken from the ribs, the ears, or elsewhere in the nose. [4] Sometimes cadaveric cartilage is used when your own septal cartilage is unavailable and you also want to minimize the risk of harvesting cartilage from your other body sites.

Dr. Wallach prefers to use the open approach to rhinoplasty. And, given the extent of corrections that revision procedures require, this is the most commonly used technique. As may have been done during your initial rhinoplasty, a small incision will be made at the base of the tissue between the nostrils. This type of incision used during an open rhinoplasty procedure is called a trans-columellar incision. The soft tissue is then lifted from the underlying nasal structure, giving him full access to make the necessary modifications.

Recovery After Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

After your rhinoplasty revision is complete, you’ll be closely monitored in a recovery room. Most patients feel good after surgery and are able to go home the same day. It’s important that you have someone drive you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours.

Give your nose the time it needs to recover from surgery by allowing two weeks for the bruising to subside. Dr. Wallach will give you all the details you need to know about how to take care of yourself during this period so that when your results start emerging, they’ll be ideal!

What are the Results of Revision Rhinoplasty?

The results of your rhinoplasty should make you happy not only in the moment but for years to come. Therefore, Dr. Wallach’s revision rhinoplasties are designed to provide long-term satisfaction. When you love the results of your revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Wallach’s job is done. But you get to enjoy the results for a lifetime!

Your results may include:

  • An aesthetically-pleasing nose that complements the rest of your facial features
  • Improved breathing 
  • A sense of satisfaction and confidence that comes from feeling good about the way you look

If you’re unhappy with your current nose job results or you’re experiencing breathing difficulties, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wallach. He will carefully listen to your concerns and devise a plan to help you achieve the results you desire.

What Does Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery Cost in Manhattan?

The cost of revision rhinoplasty surgery will vary depending on your individual case. Dr. Wallach will go over all the details with you during your consultation and provide you with a quote for the surgery.

We understand that cost is often a concern when it comes to elective surgery. That’s why we offer financing options to make paying for your surgery easier. We also accept all major credit cards. Call (212) 861-6400 to reach our office and set up an appointment.


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