Male Procedures

Conveniently located to serve the areas of New York, NY

Over the last decade or so undergoing a cosmetic procedure has steadily become more socially acceptable. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Wallach helps many women to get their ideal looks, but more and more men are getting work done as well. That is why he has taken many procedures and adapted it for men. Some of the most popular procedures that male patients are getting is liposuction, male breast reduction, and liquid facelifts. Having a masculine contour to their body and face is just as important to men as having a curvy, feminine profile is to women. Many older male patients opt for non-surgical treatments that can keep them looking youthful, whether this is to keep up in their work life or to provide more confidence, many men enjoy this cosmetic method. Dr. Wallach takes the time to listen to each of his male patient’s individual concerns and desires for their results to give them their ideal appearance.

Men deal with many different issues than women face. These issues could be enlarged male breast tissue, receding chin, weak jaw line, or excess skin and fat on the waist. To give men a more masculine appearance, we need to change our procedures to suit men. Dr. Wallach wanted to create a space geared specifically for men so they can be sure they are getting their desired results.