Pectoral Implants

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Pectoral implants is a procedure to enhance the appearance of chest muscles when exercise isn’t getting the job done. Men who desire a full and muscular look can benefit from pectoral implants that help them feel more confident.

Male chest augmentation offers men a muscular and sculpted contour to their chest. During your surgery, Dr. Wallach will use general anesthesia and insert the pectoral implants using a small incision in the armpit. Your implants stay in place due to the pectoralis muscle in the chest. This in no way hinders the functioning of the muscle and it allows you to continue exercising once you have healed from the surgery. These pectoral implants are different from what is used for women since these are not filled and remain firm to the touch.

Male chest augmentation surgery is different from a regular implant surgery since it allows Dr. Wallach to give you a well defined and chiseled appearance to your chest.

After your surgery, you may feel sore for a few days. Any strenuous activities and exercises must be avoided for about 6 weeks. Most men return to their normal activities within a week after their pectoral enhancement surgery.