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Buttock Augmentation

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Buttock augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that improves the shape and contour of the buttocks. The buttocks may appear loose or flat as we age or lose weight, but this procedure can create a shapely, proportionate, and round appearance for a firmer backside. There are several options for achieving this result: buttock implants, Brazilian butt lift, buttock lift with auto-augmentation, and fillers. These all have their benefits and drawbacks, and it is important to consult a plastic surgeon to determine the best choice. Whatever option you choose, your confidence will rise when you proudly choose your next pair of jeans, accentuating your (new) best feature: your gorgeous butt.

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Dr. Steven Wallach, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in New York City, is an expert in performing these buttock augmentation procedures. His skillful approach and attention to detail ensure that patients receive the best possible results with minimal downtime and discomfort. If you’re interested in improving the shape and contour of your butt, Dr. Wallach is an excellent choice for your procedure. Call (212) 861-6400 for our 5th Avenue office. Our scheduling coordinator will be happy to create a consultation appointment for you, or you can send us a message using this form.

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Buttock Augmentation: You Have Options!

After deciding to enhance your appearance, it’s crucial to choose the best method of buttock augmentation for you. Dr. Wallach offers many different methods for enhancing the butt and thigh area so each patient can find something that meets their needs and budget. 

The first recorded use of gluteal augmentation for aesthetic and reconstructive purposes was reported in 1969[1] The procedure involved silicone breast implants in a patient with muscle atrophy in the gluteal region. Today, the procedure has advanced and evolved with the development of new techniques and materials, such as the use of solid silicone buttock implants specifically designed for the gluteal region, as well as the popularization of the Brazilian butt lift, which uses the patient’s fat to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks.


Buttock augmentation using implants is a popular method for patients looking for a rounder, firmer, and shapelier buttock; this option is recommended for patients with insufficient fat to use in a Brazilian butt lift. 

In the United States, solid silicone implants are typically used. [2] The implants are inserted through one or two incisions in the natural crease between the cheeks. Depending on the patient’s anatomy and desired outcome, the implants can be placed in a submuscular, subfascial, or subcutaneous pocket.

  • With the submuscular placement, the implant is placed under the muscle rather than above it; this method is considered a safer option as it decreases the risk of complications such as infection or implant displacement. [3] 
  • Subfacial placement involves placing the implant in a pocket that is created under the fascia, a thin layer of connective tissue surrounding the muscle. 
  • Subcutaneous placement sets the implant under the skin but above the muscle.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift or BBL uses the patient’s fat to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. The procedure involves liposuction to remove fat from the abdomen, hips, or thighs. Then the purified fat is re-injected into the buttocks to provide a more rounded and voluminous appearance.

BBL is a popular alternative to traditional buttock augmentation methods, such as silicone implants, as it uses the patient’s fat, which is less likely to cause complications such as rejection, infection, or implant shifting.

It also improves other areas of the body simultaneously because the donor fat taken from a stubborn pocket of fat is often an area that has been unchanged by diet and exercise. However, patients should be made aware of the complications and parameters of a BBL. Undergoing a Brazilian butt lift with a surgeon who is not board-certified can lead to serious complications.

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for high-volume fat transfer for buttock augmentation, which may be attributed to the influence of celebrities and social media on popular culture. Some patients opt for this procedure to:

  • Address small contour depressions
  • Restore lost volume due to aging
  • Increase overall buttock volume.

Because the survival of every transferred or augmented fat cell in the treated area is not guaranteed, repeat procedures may be required to obtain the final desired result. However, in one study, only 13% of BBL patients were dissatisfied with the size of their buttocks after BBL and wanted them larger. [4]

Buttock Lift with Auto-Augmentation

A buttock lift, also called a gluteal lift, is a surgical procedure used to reshape and lift the buttocks. It is often performed in conjunction with a lower body lift, particularly in patients who have experienced significant weight loss and have deflated sagging buttocks

The procedure involves making a transverse incision low on the buttocks, just above the crease, to remove excess soft tissue and skin. Alternatively, the excess tissue can be rotated into the buttock area to augment it. 

A buttock lift can be performed as an isolated procedure, particularly in patients with previous abdominal surgery, such as an abdominoplasty or extended abdominoplasty. It can also be combined with buttock augmentation.

Filler for Buttock Augmentation


minimally-invasive and non-surgical option for buttock augmentation is the use of the injectable Sculptra. Sculptra is a dermal filler used to add volume to the face and can also be used to augment the buttocks.

The treatment involves injecting Sculptra into the tissue of the buttocks to create a fuller, rounder appearance. However, the size increase is much less than achieved through surgical methods such as a BBL or buttock augmentation with implants.

Sculptra is composed of poly-L-lactic (PLLA) acid, which stimulates collagen production, gradually increasing volume over time. [5] The treatment typically requires a series of injections, and the results can last up to two years. It is important to note that Sculptra is not FDA-approved for use in the buttocks and should only be done by a trained medical professional like Dr. Wallach.


Patients that want the natural look and feel of fat, but don’t care to undergo a fat transfer can benefit from Renuva. This simple injectable is derived from natural fat, and creates a matrix after injection that allows the growth factors and other regenerative components to form new, healthy fat tissue. Patients enjoy a natural-looking voluptuous backside with long-lasting results. Because Renuva can be strategically injected into areas requiring volume, it can be used to sculpt the smooth curves that patients desire.

What are the Benefits of Buttock Augmentation?

Some benefits of augmenting your buttock with implants, lift, BBL, or injections, include:

  • Patients can improve the proportions and balance of their body
  • Patients can enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Patients can enjoy wearing new clothing and swimwear
  • Patients will have a youthful and attractive appearance

Depending on the method you choose, there are added benefits. For example, with BBL, there is no chance of implant rejection, and the size increase is much greater than with Sculptra injections. Patients with small depressions in their buttocks or hips (cellulite or liposuction deformities) may benefit from fat transfer or Sculptra. Furthermore, with Sculptra injections, patients are not going under the knife, which reduces risk.

The best way to determine which procedure will benefit you most is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wallace in New York. Call (212) 861-6400 to start the process.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Individuals who are physically healthy, non-smokers, and unhappy with the shape or size of their buttocks are typically good candidates for buttock augmentation. Patients should have realistic expectations for the procedure and understand that the results may not be exactly as they envision. We can give you a similar buttock to your favorite celebrity, but you will need to incorporate other procedures like a breast augmentation or facelift to complete the look. 

A consultation with Dr. Wallach will help you to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and whether the procedure can help you achieve your desired outcome. If you would like more information about New York plastic surgeon Dr. Wallach and his success with New York City buttock augmentation, contact our Manhattan offices at (212) 861-6400. Patients can also conveniently use our contact form to request additional details.

Personal Consultation

A consultation with Dr. Wallach can help to determine if a buttock augmentation is right for you. During your consultation, you will discuss your expectations and goals for the surgery and go over any questions you may have. Dr. Wallach will create an individualized surgical plan to help meet your buttock augmentation goals.

Preparing for Your Procedure

For the more involved surgical procedures like butt implants, butt lift, and BBL, patients will need to do more prep than patients who receive Sculptra injections; this may include:

  • Obtaining medical clearance from your primary care physician
  • Stopping smoking, if you are a smoker, as smoking can increase the risk of complications
  • Discontinuing certain medications, such as blood thinners, as directed by Dr. Wallach
  • Following a specific diet and exercise plan to ensure optimal healing and recovery
  • Arranging for someone to drive you home after the surgery and to stay with you for the first 24-48 hours post-surgery
  • Preparing your home for recovery by stocking up on essentials and arranging for help with daily tasks if needed
  • Following all pre- and post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon

It’s important to note that each surgical procedure will have specific preparation and recovery guidelines, and you should follow the instructions provided by Dr. Wallach to boost your recovery and results.

The Procedure

Here is an overview of the steps you will undergo during the different butt augmentation procedures Dr. Wallach offers.


  • First, fat is harvested from an area with ample donor fat using liposuction, a technique that uses a thin tube called a cannula attached to a tube and suction.
  • The harvested fat is then cleaned and processed to remove excess fluid and impurities.
  • The processed fat is injected into the buttocks using a small needle or cannula. The fat is injected in a specific pattern to ensure a natural-looking result


During butt augmentation surgery with implants, the patient is asleep, which means they will be given general anesthesia. Dr. Wallach will make an incision in the natural crease where the buttocks meet, which will easily conceal the scar after you’ve healed. He will place the implants in the location you decided upon together during your consultation. The incisions are closed, and you are sent to the observation room until you awaken.

The Butt Lift Procedure

During the butt lift, the patient will be under general anesthesia sedation. Dr. Wallach will remove excess skin and fat, tightening the underlying muscles to lift and reshape the buttocks.


The recovery from a buttock augmentation depends upon the procedure performed. Brazilian butt lift (BBL) patients generally heal quicker and have less discomfort. Post-operative instructions include

  • Not sitting on the buttocks for about two weeks
  • Wearing a specific compression garment with the buttock region exposed

The patient can return to light-duty desk work within five to seven days. 

A buttock augmentation patient has more discomfort and may need a few more days to recover than a BBL patient. Dr. Wallach prefers a standard compression garment with a closed buttock or one that does not put pressure on the incision line. Generally, both types of patients can start light aerobics in about four weeks and heavy lifting in about six to eight weeks.

What are the Results of Buttock Augmentation?

Patients will love the round, perky look of their buttocks once they recover from surgery or after the subtle volume has been built over time with Sculptra injections. Though the recovery period can be difficult after surgery, since patients are not to sit for weeks at a time, the results make it all worth it. Patients will see incredible results, such as:

  • A more shapely and proportionate figure
  • Lift and contouring of the buttocks
  • Improvement in the overall appearance of the buttocks
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • A more youthful and attractive appearance

What is the Cost of a Butt Augmentation in Manhattan?

During your consultation, Dr. Wallach and his team will provide you with all the information you need to budget for your procedure. Contact us today to get started. In the tri-state area, call (212) 861-6400 or fill out this form.

We look forward to giving you the butt of your dreams!


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How can I get a bigger butt fast?

A larger buttock can be created with filler product or fat injections.

How long do butt injections last?

If buttock injections are performed with fat then the result is permanent once the swelling subsides.

Are buttock injections permanent?

They can be permanent if fat is used.

What is it called when you take fat from your stomach to buttocks?

Many people have called this a Brazilian butt lift.

What is the recovery time for fat transfer to buttocks?

I usually have patients avoid sitting on their buttocks other than going to the bathroom for about three weeks to avoid undue pressure on the areas treated.

What is used for buttock injections?

Most commonly, fat is the primary product injected into the buttocks. Sometimes Sculptra or Renuva are injected into the buttocks.

How can I get bigger buttocks?

There are two types of procedures that can produce larger buttocks. One is called a Brazilian Buttock Lift. This procedure is performed by first harvesting fat from donor sites, commonly from the abdomen, waist, bra/back rolls, and thighs, and then taking that fat and injecting it into the buttocks to enhance the size of the buttocks. The limiting factor for this procedure is the availability of donor sites. If a person is very thin, then they likely do not have enough donor sites to harvest fat so that the buttocks can be adequately augmented. Some surgeons recommend patients put on weight in that situation, but many patients after the procedure like to get back down to their pre-procedure weight, and unfortunately, as weight is lost, the fat cells shrink and the buttock will likely not maintain the volume placed. For those patients that do not have significant donor sites, buttock augmentation can be performed using specifically designed Buttock Implants. These are commonly placed through incisions in the buttock crease between the two cheeks. This can also be performed on patients who had a brazilian buttock lift but felt that they did not achieve the desired volume.

Is a buttock augmentation painful?

Buttock augmentation includes two types of procedures: 1) a Brazilian Butt Lift which incorporates LIPOSUCTION to harvest fat from donor areas, and then buttock enhancement by injecting fat into the buttocks, or 2) Buttock Augmentation with Implants. The Brazilian butt lift probably is less painful than implant surgery because fat is injected into the subcutaneous plane but none of the muscle is divided. Operations in which muscle is divided are usually more painful. Buttock implant surgery can be performed in three different planes. The implants can be placed in a subcutaneous pocket, a subfascial pocket , or in an intramuscular pocket. In general, the intramuscular pocket is the most painful. However, the intramuscular pocket usually provides more soft tissue coverage to the implant. But with adequate rest, and good post-operative analgesia, the procedure is usually well tolerated during the post-op period. A non-invasive buttock augmentation entails a series of injections and is not particularly uncomfortable.

Risks of buttock augmentation?

In general, there are minimal risks associated with buttock augmentation. If a Brazilian buttock augmentation is performed in which fat is injected to the buttocks to enhance their appearance, then the more common issues are loss of fullness due to poor take of the fat, or inadequate donor sites to create the desired look. Other less common risks include sensory changes, fat necrosis, hematomas, fluid collections like seromas, infections, and contour irregularities both at the donor site and recipient sites. Even more uncommon are things like skin or soft tissue necrosis. Extremely low risks are related to the anesthesia, and potential risks of fat emboli, or deep vein thrombosis. With buttock implant surgery, the risks are similar to those with a Brazilian buttock lift, but mostly on a local level since there are no donor sites. One of the biggest risks for buttock implant surgery is dehiscence of the wound and exposure of the implant which can happen for several different reasons. One of the most common reasons this can happen is due to poor compliance with post-operative instructions. Patients are instructed not to put pressure on the buttocks for two to three weeks, which basically means no sitting on them for about that amount of time. Infection is another risk of having implants. If an infection develops or a dehiscence happens with exposure of the implants, it is likely that the implants will have to be removed.

What is the recovery time of a buttock augmentation?

I think the recovery for a buttock augmentation depends upon the procedure performed. In general, I think that Brazilian butt lift (BBL) patients heal a bit quicker and have less overall discomfort with the procedure. Postoperative instructions include not sitting on the buttocks for about two weeks and wearing a specific compression garment with the buttock region exposed. In general, the patient can go back to light duty desk work within five to seven days. For a buttock augmentation patient, they have a bit more discomfort and may need a few more days to recover than a BBL patient. The compression garment I prefer is a standard garment that has a closed buttock or at least does not put pressure on the incision line. In general, both types of patients can start light aerobics by about four weeks and heavy lifting by about six to eight weeks.

I want a Brazilian butt lift. Should I lose weight?

This is a common question. I prefer patients be at a weight that they are comfortable with. Having fat reserves is important so that they can be used as donor sites for a Brazilian butt lift. Certainly being at your goal weight is nice if you so choose.

Should I Gain Weight for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I do not usually recommend patients gaining weight for a Brazilian butt lift. But if they do not have reasonable donor sites to harvest the fat for injection into the buttocks, then they may be better off getting buttock implants. The consistency of the buttock implants are a bit different than those available for breast surgery. The ones available in the U.S. are more solid gels.

Would buttock implants be a better option for me if I am thin and do not have fat reserves?

Absolutely. If you are very thin, and do not have fat reserves for fat injection to the buttocks then you might be better off with buttock implants.

How much fat can you inject into my buttocks?

The amount of fat that is capable of being injected into the buttocks is dependent on a lot of factors. First, it depends upon how many donor sites you have and the quantity of fat available. Second, often there is a limitation of fat that you can remove in one operative setting. Therefore, sometimes secondary procedures are done to get to the desired volume. Some patients may need less than others as well. It is not uncommon to place 750 -1000 cc’s in each buttock in any one setting.

When can I sit after my buttock procedure?

I usually allow patients to sit on their buttocks after three weeks. Some surgeons prefer that patients avoid all sitting for six weeks. I suggest to my patients to not sit for long lengths of time on the buttocks, and they should change their position often. As for sleeping position, I suggest to patients to sleep in any position that they feel comfortable, but I prefer that they do not lie on their buttocks as much as possible.

Can I have a tummy tuck done at the same time as a Brazilian butt lift?

This is a very common question. I prefer to stage the Brazilian butt lift and the tummy tuck, or ABDOMINOPLASTY. I like to harvest as much fat from the abdomen to use to augment the buttocks. I feel that there is more risk to the abdominal flap if they are performed at the same time when wide dissection of the abdominal flap is performed. The blood supply to the elevated abdominal flap changes when it is elevated, and liposuctioning of this flap can potentially cause wound healing problems. Some surgeons will not perform wide undermining of the flap and maintain arterial perforating blood vessels to the flap to minimize the risk. The undermining is limited just enough for the surgeon to tighten the midline abdomen. I prefer to perform the tummy tuck at a later time. I often will consider performing the tummy tuck at about four months after the Brazilian butt lift.

Where do you place the fat for buttock augmentation?

My goals in creating an aesthetically pleasing buttock region are to selectively liposuction the surrounding areas, like the lower back, and grafting fat to the areas of the buttock and hips that the patient wants to fill. The discussion of goals is performed during consultation and during the patient’s pre-operative appointment. Fat can be placed in the central buttock region. Some patients want what is referred to more of a buttock shelf, and therefore it can be placed higher as well. Still others want wider hips and some fat is placed there as well. It is a very individual choice.

How much do butt injections cost?

A Brazilian butt lift cost will start out at about $9000 but will go up from there depending upon the complexity of the procedure.

I Love Dr. Steven Wallach, hands up with praise and his receptionist Ashley and other staff is amazing. I love my new Wallach body if I could rate 100 stars I would.

Melisa G.

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I got Lipo 360 and Lipo done to my inner thighs and it was honestly the best experience . Everyone in the office including him make sure I knew everything that was happening and honestly I love the results so much !!

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I’m so happy with the results from the Botox shots that Dr. Wallach performed on me. He spent a lot of time talking about the different fillers that would make my face look the most natural and youthful.


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