Liposuction with Local Anesthesia

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Liposuction with Local Anesthesia NYC

Liposuction has a great reputation as a minimally invasive body contouring procedure that helps people achieve their desired shape by removing pockets of stubborn fat nearly anywhere on the body. Liposuction with local anesthesia is a different method of liposuction that has certain benefits that can improve the experience for some patients.

This procedure is highly customizable for patients as well, as Dr. Wallach offers many different types of liposuction devices and technologies, which may be performed under either local or general anesthesia. Both methods have their pros and cons, and a consultation with Dr. Wallach is ultimately the best way to find out if you’re a good candidate for liposuction under local anesthesia.


The main benefits of choosing local over general anesthetic are that the risk of complications is lower and the recovery time is much faster. People undergoing general anesthesia procedures often suffer from side effects of the anesthetic like nausea and a sore throat due to intubation.

Other benefits include that the procedure can be done in-office, rather than a hospital, and is usually less expensive than the same procedure performed under general anesthesia. Finally, because general anesthesia requires patients to fast for a period of time before surgery, patients prefer local anesthetic procedures because they can eat a light meal prior to liposuction.


Local anesthesia alone is not always the best option for people seeking liposuction. Interestingly, patients with a higher BMI may be better suited to have this performed under local. Some misconceptions about having the procedure performed under local are just not true.  Multiple areas can be treated, and large volumes of fat can be removed.

However, people who experience significant anxiety about being awake during a minimally invasive surgery may not be good candidates for local anesthesia, as the experience can be harrowing rather than relaxing and empowering. For them, we can easily add IV sedation to the local anesthetic to help people feel calm and in a twilight state of consciousness, but this would be have to be performed in the presence of an anesthesiologist and at a slightly higher cost.


Liposuction begins by injecting what’s called a tumescent solution into the tissue being treated with liposuction. This solution has both lidocaine, an anesthetic, as well as epinephrine, which helps reduce bleeding, bruising, and swelling. Once this is done, Dr. Wallach will make tiny incisions around the treatment area through which the cannula of the liposuction device you’ve chosen will be inserted to suction away fat cells.


Recovery from local anesthesia is very quick compared to general anesthesia. After Dr. Wallach is finished and has closed your incisions, you’ll be able to leave the office shortly after the procedure and can be driven home by a chaperone (usually a friend or family member) once we’ve fitted you with a compression garment. You will be able to walk on your own immediately following the procedure, and many patients return to work within a few days. Dr. Wallach will provide more specific instructions for your unique surgical plan during a consultation with him.

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The best way to know exactly what to expect from your specific liposuction needs is to schedule a consultation with the expert, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Wallach. In a consultation, he’ll examine your problem areas, take your medical history, and provide a fully customized price estimate and surgical plan, whether or not it includes local anesthesia liposuction. Start on the journey to your ideal curves today by calling our office or scheduling a consultation online today.