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Cheek Augmentation

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Cheek augmentation is a procedure where the cheek shape is enhanced by using filler products, performing a cheek lift to reposition the soft tissue, or by placing implants.

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A good candidate is someone who is healthy and has either cheek deflation, cheek soft tissue descent, or just desires fuller cheeks.


If one has filler injections, then this will vary for the different product used and the quantity. It could cost as little as $650 and go up in the thousands. A mid face lift or facelift procedure can cost $15,000 or more and cheek implants or fat injection can cost about $5000 or more.


Cheek augmentation with filler product or fat grafting is extremely safe with the most common issues being mild bruising or swelling. Cheek augmentation with implants or a facelift requires surgery and is more involved. It can be associated with swelling, bruising, some numbness and rarely infection, blood collections, or possible skin loss.

Cheek implants are safe but with the ease and availability of fat injections or filler products, cheek implants have almost become obsolete.


If filler product is used then a topical anesthetic is often applied to the skin and then the skin is prepped. The injection procedure soon follows and depending upon the volume and areas treated the entire procedure usually takes between 10-15 minutes. Many patients can go back to work after the procedure. For cheek implants, fat grafting, or a midface or facelift procedure, these tend to be more involved. Patients will either undergo sedation or have general anesthesia for the procedure. The procedure can take one hour to several hours and the patient will have stitches that will often require removal within one to two weeks. They will usually be seen in the office a few days after the procedure for follow-up and then have subsequent visits for suture removal and general care.


If fillers or fat injection are performed, then you may have a bandage over the area. Some bruising and some swelling are possible after the procedure. If you undergo cheek implants or a midface or facelift procedure, then you will likely have dressings around your head and sutures that will be required to be removed within a week or so. You might have a fair amount of swelling and bruising after the procedure as well, but can go back to light duty within seven to ten days.


The goal of cheek augmentation is to enhance the size and shape of the cheeks. So once the swelling and bruising subsides you should see an improvement in the cheek area.


How long does it take for the cheek implant to become fixed in place?

Cheek implants can either be placed in a very tight fitting pocket and/or secured to the bone with screws.

How are cheek implants inserted?

Cheek implants can be inserted through an eyelid incision or through an intra-oral incision.

How much does cheek augmentation cost?

The fee for cheek implants can run between $3500-$10,000.

How can I build up my cheeks?

Cheeks can be enhanced with facial filler material like fat or injectable products as well as implants.

Is cheek augmentation permanent?

A cheek implant is permanent.

How long do facial implants last?

Facial implants can last a life time.

What are face implants?

Face implants are made of either hard silicone or material such as porex.

What does cheek augmentation do?

Cheek augmentation enhances the volume of the cheeks.

Where are cheek implants placed?

Cheek implants are placed most commonly over the prominence of the cheek bone (the maxilla).

Do cheek implants lift the face?

Cheek implants increase the volume of the cheeks and may give the impression of lifting the face a bit.

What is the difference between cheek fillers and implants?

Cheek fillers temporarily add volume to the face and cheek implants permanently add an implant to the cheeks. Cheek implants require surgery and cheek fillers do not.

What is the best age to get cheek augmentation?

Many people start to lose facial volume in their 30s and 40s, prompting them to receive a cheek augmentation, However, younger individuals may want to enhance their youthfulness with a cheek augmentation. Cheek augmentations can produce your desired results at any age.

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