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Sculptra Aesthetics is a non-surgical filler that consists of a synthetic material known as poly–L–lactic acid which works by replacing the lost collagen in your skin. It is safe and gets naturally absorbed by your body without any side effects which is evident by the fact that it has been used in dissolvable stitches for years.

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When your skin begins to lose its natural collagen with age, it leads to wrinkles, lines, sunken cheeks, and hollows under the eyes. Sculptra restores your collagen production without the need for surgery, offering you a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Sculptra is also used as a non-surgical butt lift procedure for a non-invasive buttock augmentation.


If you are considering Sculptra injections for your skin concerns, here is the basic information you must know about it:

  • It is a temporary injectable filler.
  • Sculptra can be used for facial volume enhancement and sometimes as a non-surgical butt lift option.
  • It can also be used to redefine different facial features.
  • It will take some time for you to see your results as Sculptra takes time to stimulate the natural production of collagen in your body.
  • Your results from Sculptra may last for about 24 months or more.


If you have lost volume in the lower face area and the chin, Sculptra Aesthetics helps replace the collagen. Most of our patients wish to treat the first aging signs such as wrinkles, lines, and folds in the lower face, hollow appearing eyes, sunken cheeks and indentations in the skin. Sculptra injections are different from the other fillers available today since it gradually replaces the lost collagen in your soft tissue to ensure you get results that are long lasting and without any downtime or side effects.

If you do not wish to undergo surgery yet or your concerns are not severe and you do not qualify for a surgical procedure, then Sculptra is a good option for you. Dr. Wallach will recommend the filler to give you a youthful appearance without the incisions or downtime associated with a surgical procedure.

When you are looking for buttock enhancement but do not wish to undergo a surgery and do not have sufficient fat for the Brazilian butt lift, Sculptra butt lift is a great option. Patients seeking great butt lift results with a non-surgical butt lift option, must talk to Dr. Wallach about Sculptra butt lift.


With a few sessions, Sculptra will stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen that will subtly reduce aging signs and restore the lost volume. Your results from Sculptra may last for 2 years or more, unlike other dermal fillers. The natural fullness in your face is restored by Sculptra since it creates natural collagen that will age with you. Usually patients need 2 to 3 sessions that are spaced six weeks to eight weeks apart to achieve optimal results.

When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Wallach for various skin concerns, he will evaluate your skin and understand your goals before determining whether Sculptra is the most suitable non-surgical option for you.

In order to reduce any discomfort from the procedure, we may use a numbing cream on the area of treatment. Sculptra is injected using a small needle in areas that are experiencing loss of volume. The area might have to be massaged after the injection. The time taken to complete your treatment may vary depending on the number of areas where Sculptra is injected. For most patients, the treatment takes about 20 to 30 minutes.


Sculptra is a non-surgical procedure that has no downtime and allows you to return to your daily routine right away. However, here are some tips you must follow to ensure you get the desired results from your treatment:

  • In case of any swelling, use ice in the area.
  • Any strenuous exercises should be avoided for the first 24 hours after your treatment.


Your results from Sculptra are not immediately visible. It promotes the body’s natural growth of new collagen which continues to develop with time. You will begin to see the results in a few months after your treatment. Depending on your goals, Dr. Wallach will decide the most effective treatment plan for you. There might be some tenderness, redness, slight bruising or swelling following your treatment but this will resolve in a few days or for some, a few days. When you get an optimal number of treatment sessions, clinical studies show that Sculptra results may last for 2 years or even more. Once the Sculptra gets absorbed, you may require a touch-up session to maintain the levels of your collagen production.

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If you would like more information on Sculptra and its many benefits, then come talk to Dr. Wallach at his Manhattan office. To schedule a consultation, call the office or fill out an online form.


Can I drink alcohol after Sculptra?

Yes, you can drink after Sculptra injections.

Can I exercise after Sculptra?

You probably want to wait 24 hours before exercising.

Can I get a facial after Sculptra?

I would avoid a facial for 24-48 hours after getting Sculptra injected.

Can Sculptra and Voluma be used together?

Yes, Sculptra and Voluma can be used together.

Can you overfill with Sculptra?

It is unlikely that one would be overfilled with Sculptra as it is diluted in saline and the saline will resorb.

Does Sculptra stimulate collagen?

Yes, Scultpra works by stimulating collagen in the area of treatment.

Does Sculptra tighten skin?

Sculptra will stimulate collagen production and may improve and tighten the skin a bit. It is not a replacement for a facelift.

Does Sculptra cause scar tissue?

Sculptra may induce some scar tissue where it is injected.

How do I prepare for Sculptra?

Sculptra is prepared in a saline solution often with numbing medication and then injected.

Does Sculptra look natural?

Sculptra can look very natural.

How do you get rid of Sculptra bumps?

Sometimes massage can help if it is noticed early after treatment,. Sometimes steroid injections at the site of the bump may help.

How does Sculptra Aesthetic work?

It works by stimulating collagen production in the area of treatment and usually requires a series of injections to achieve the final result.

How many Sculptra treatments do you need?

It can vary from individual to individual. Often it can take 2-3 treatments but sometimes it requires more. This will depend upon the result you are looking for.

How long does it take to see results with Sculptra?

It can take about 4-6 months to see the results of Sculptra. This is due to the collagen stimulation in the area.

How many syringes sculptra for cheeks?

It may require one or two and sometimes more for each treatment to achieve the desired effect.

How long does Sculptra last?

Usually Sculptra will last 2 years or longer.

How quickly does Sculptra work?

You will see an immediate injection effect but then the fluid will resorb and it will take 4-6 months after a series of injections to see the result.

How long does swelling last after Sculptra?

Swelling usually comes down within a few days.

How soon after Sculptra can I exercise?

I usually recommend avoiding exercise for about 24 hours.

What are the side effects of Sculptra?

The main issue with Scupltra is that it can cause small bumps. This is usually avoided with adequate massage.

What do you mix sculptra with?

Sculptra i usually mixed with saline( sterile salt water solution) and often with local anesthetic to minimize injection discomfort.

Is sculptra good for under eyes?

Sculptra is not recommended for under eye treatment.

What is Sculptra used for?

Sculptra is used for volume loss in the face and can be used off-label to enhance the buttocks.

What is the difference between Radiesse and Sculptra?

They are products that can add volume to the face but work differently.

Where should sculptra be injected?

Sculptra is best injected into the cheeks and areas of hollowness around the face.

What should I do after Sculptra treatment?

You are best to follow your doctors advice. I haver my patients avoid exercise for 24 hours, and massage the area gently if they feel lumps.

Which is better Bellafill or Sculptra?

I prefer Sculptra over Bellafill. Bellafill is a permanent filler and has its associated problems.

What should you not do after Sculptra?

I prefer that patients avoid exercise for about 24 hours.

Who is a good candidate for Sculptra?

A good candidate is anyone who has a deflatted face and wants improvements with hollowness.

Whats better Sculptra or Juvederm?

They are different products and both are good to restore or enhance volume.

Why do I have to massage Sculptra?

Massage may help minimize the risk of lumps.

Will I bruise after Sculptra?

You might bruise after Sculptra. This is common with any injection and more common in people that use blood thinners.

Will Sculptra bumps go away?

Sculptra lumps go away with massage if they are noticed right after injection. If they develop days or weeks after treatment, steroids may help to reduce them.

Can Sculptra be used on lips?

Sculptra should not be used in the lips.

Can Sculptra cause headaches?

It would be highly unusual for Sculptra to cause headaches.

Can Sculptra lift jowls?

Sculptra along the jawline and cheeks may be able to camouflage the jowls a bit.

Can Sculptra migrate?

Sculptra may migrate a bit locally, that is why it is important to avoid any massage not recommended by your injector.

How many syringes of Sculptra are required the for cheeks?

It may require one or two and sometimes more for each treatment to achieve the desired effect.

Is Sculptra better than Voluma?

They are different products and last different amounts of time.

Is Sculptra good for Cheeks?

Sculptra is excellent for the cheeks.

Can you take Ibuprofen after Sculptra?

I prefer that patients take Tylenol if they are not allergic because there are less chances of bleeding.

What happens if you do not massage Sculptra?

It is often a good idea to massage the area after Sculptra injection, This will help minimize lumps.

Is Sculptra hyaluronic acid?

Sculptra is not hyaluronic acid. It is a poly-L-lactic acid similar to some absorbable suture products.

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