Breast Reconstruction – Keeping Expectations Realistic

When a woman loses one or both breasts to either cancer or any other medical condition, the effect on her life can be catastrophic. Lost confidence. Insecurity. A feeling of never being whole again. The breasts can be an important part of any woman’s self-image and losing them is very difficult to deal with. But these days breast reconstructive surgery should be used in the vast majority of cases. In a reconstruction, the surgeon uses existing skin tissue and surgical implants to rebuild the breasts and create a more natural overall appearance. The immediate change to the way the breasts look and feel is quite incredible, but as this is a reconstructive procedure and not a replacement for natural breasts, there are limitations to bear in mind.
For example, the breasts will not have the same sensitivity or general sensation as natural breasts, which can take some getting used to. There will also be certain scars and visible blemishes from the mastectomy itself that cannot be removed – these will remain for life. There may also be new incision lines present in the areas of the body used to ‘donate’ the necessary tissues, which must be brought into consideration before going ahead. However, if all such limitations and issues have been carefully considered and are still viewed as considerably better than life without breasts, then breast reconstructive surgery has never been more accessible, affordable, and effective. If you’ve had a mastectomy, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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