Manhattan Breast Reconstruction: The Road to Recovery

Breast reconstruction in Manhattan is usually performed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Wallach on women who have breast cancer and have had a mastectomy. The procedure rebuilds the breast and addresses self-esteem issues that some women have after losing a breast to cancer. Like any other surgical procedure, women who undergo breast reconstruction will go through a recovery phase. Here are some things to remember during recovery.


After a surgical procedure, you will most likely feel discomfort. Most women require pain medication for several days after breast reconstruction. Be sure to ask for pain relievers when you require them. Controlling pain properly helps you recover quickly.

Daily activities

You may feel a bit tired during the first week of recovery, so having someone assist you is a good idea. Start with light activities and slowly increase your activity level. Be sure not to engage in strenuous activities until the doctor says so. Generally, you can resume driving if you could already use the handbrake as well as the gear lever. It is also important that you could come to a sudden stop in case of an emergency. Another way to know that you could return to driving is if you could turn the steering wheel suddenly when necessary.


It is okay to have sex after breast reconstruction as long as you are comfortable doing it. It can take a couple of weeks after the procedure or even longer for you to feel comfortable about having sex. Take things slowly and follow your own pace. Open up to your partner any concerns that you have about sex.

Skin Care

The skin may feel itchy while it is healing. Be sure not to scratch it as itching will slowly fade as the wound heals. Full healing usually happens six weeks after surgery. Once the wound has healed, massaging the skin is typically recommended by the doctor. Oil or cream is used when massaging the skin. Massaging may help in reducing risks of capsular contracture (tightening of tissue surrounding the implant) when a breast implant is in place. Moisturizer can be used to soften scars. To learn more about breast reconstruction and recovery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Wallach today by calling 212-861-6400. You can also fill out this online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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