Take Care of Your New Nose

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At last, you have taken the brave step to get your nose done. Now that you have achieved the nose you have only been dreaming about, do not forget to flaunt it for the world to see. However, it is only normal if you feel “fragile” after having plastic surgery. Do not feel bad about it. In fact, many of our patients in Manhattan often wonder if any activity can distort the shape of their nose in an instant. Wondering the same thing too? Read the following tips as to how you can take good care of your brand new nose.

  1. A few weeks after your rhinoplasty procedure, you may notice that your nose seems to be swelling like crazy. No need to freak out. Reduce the swelling by keeping your head elevated or in an upright position as much as possible after surgery. When lying down, placing two pillows under the head can help decrease the swelling.  
  2. For two weeks following rhinoplasty, it is best to avoid activities that require you to bend over or to lift heavy things. Doing so will raise your blood pressure and put you at high risk for hemorrhage or internal bleeding.  
  3. And yes, you are right. Consider your nose “fragile” for at least a few weeks after your operation. Because of this, it is important to avoid hitting or bumping your new nose. Be very careful when doing activities that involve touching the face, such as rubbing the nose with tissues or a handkerchief.  
  4. Even if you feel like doing so, avoid “sniffing” as much as possible. You may feel your nose is blocked, yet sniffing is not the solution to this as it will only aggravate the swelling on the inside.  
  5. It is also recommended to avoid blowing the nose for about two weeks after rhinoplasty, unless Dr. Wallach permits you to. Blowing can cause bleeding and may irritate the treated site.  

Rhinoplasty in Manhattan 

Once you get away with recovery, you may already enjoy the wonders that rhinoplasty brings. Call us today at 212-861-6400 to schedule a consultation with well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Wallach. We look forward to hearing from you!

Steven Wallach MD

Steven Wallach MD

Dr. Wallach is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City who specializes in performing cosmetic procedures of the face, breast and body. As one of the cutting edge experts in the field, Dr. Wallach consults on a regular basis with people in the beauty, media, and publishing worlds.

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