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As we age or lose weight, our buttocks may begin to sag, appearing loose or flat. Buttock augmentation is a wonderful procedure that enhances the appearance of the buttocks, creating a shapely, proportionate. Many patients want a shapely, round, firm buttock, and there are several ways that it can be achieved.

Types & Techniques

Buttock Implants

Buttock augmentation using implants is one option to give a patient rounder, firmer, shapely buttocks. The buttock implants available in the United States are solid silicone implants.  These are commonly used when a patient wants a large volume change or when the patient does not have significant donor sites for fat injection. The implants are placed through either one or two incisions in the natal crease between the buttock cheeks. They can be placed in a partial submuscular pocket, a subfascial pocket, or a subcutaneous pocket. The surgery usually takes about two to three hours and recovery from the procedure takes about a week.  Dr. Wallach recommends that patients avoid aerobic type exercise for at least three weeks and strenuous exercise for at least six weeks after surgery.

Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)

Buttock augmentation can be performed with implants or in a more natural way by fat injection when fat cells (adipocytes) are harvested from other areas of the body and inserted into the buttocks to provide augmentation in this desirable area. Commonly, it is done in conjunction with liposuction of the abdomen, hip area (flanks), and even the thighs. The goal is to provide a nice shapely buttock region balanced with a fine waist to bring out the natural feminine curves. Buttock augmentation with this technique is mainly limited by the amount of fat donor sites.  For instance, if the patient is very thin, then there may not be enough fat to be harvested to obtain the result that is desired.  All in all, it is a very nice technique and the one most commonly performed. Because fat “take” in the tissues is not 100%, “touch-ups” or repeat procedures may be required to obtain the final desired result.The surgical procedure takes two to three hours depending upon the amount of liposuction performed in conjunction with the fat injection, and recuperation is about one week. Dr. Wallach recommends that patients avoid aerobic type exercise for at least three weeks and strenuous exercise for at least six weeks after surgery.  For more information about a BBL, read our blog.

Buttock Lift with Auto-Augmentation

A buttock lift is often done in conjunction with a lower body lift.  This is more common in patients with massive weight loss in which the buttocks have deflated and sagged. The transverse incision is usually kept low just above the buttock crease. Excess soft tissue and skin is removed, and the buttock is lifted. Sometimes, instead of removing the excess tissue, flaps of this tissue can be rotated into the buttock region to augment them. If a buttock lift is performed as an isolated procedure, then it is often performed in patients who have undergone a previous abdominoplasty or an extended abdominoplasty. It may be combined with buttock augmentation as well. The procedure usually takes about two hours, and recuperation time is about one week. Dr. Wallach recommends that patients avoid aerobic type exercise for at least three weeks and strenuous exercise for at least six weeks after surgery.

“I don’t think I have one favorite thing about plastic surgery. I enjoy practicing plastic surgery because I find it very creative since there are many ways to approach an individual’s treatment. In other words, each day brings a new adventure. It allows me to challenge my artistic side. I also enjoy the many different people that walk through my office doors and become part of my practice. I treat everyone as if they are a part of my family, and I have made many new friends that way.”

Who is a Good Candidate for Buttock Augmentation?

Candidates for buttock augmentation should be physically healthy, non-smokers who are unhappy with the appearance or size of their buttocks. Patients who feel their buttock is too small, or are unhappy with the general shape of their backside can often benefit from this procedure. Buttock augmentation can balance out your frame, creating a more shapely and desirable figure.

A consultation with Dr. Wallach can help to determine if a buttock augmentation if right for you. During your consultation, you will discuss your expectations and goals for the surgery, as well as go over any questions you may have. Dr. Wallach will create an individualized surgical plan to help meet your buttock augmentation goals.

If you would like more information about New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wallach and his success with New York City buttock augmentation, we hope that you will not hesitate to contact our Manhattan offices at (212) 257-3263 or by mail at 1049 5th Avenue, Suite 2D in New York, NY 10028; or using our contact form to request additional details.


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