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Liposuction – what it can and cannot do


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by Dr. Steven Wallach

Liposuction gives people amazing results, but it is important to be realistic about what you can achieve. You will probably not be able to fit into that dress from high school, but you can feel more confident in a bikini and look better in your clothes. Even when you choose an experienced and skilled surgeon for your liposuction procedure and despite the countless advances in cosmetic surgery, all cosmetic procedures, including liposuction, have their limitations. When you understand these limitations, you will have realistic expectations from your liposuction procedure and enjoy your results. That is why we will help you understand what liposuction can do and what it cannot do.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a body contouring surgical procedure during which Dr. Wallach will make a tiny incision to insert a hollow rod known as the cannula. It has a tube attached to the other end which sucks the unwanted fat from your body, making it a less invasive and quick procedure to eliminate fatty deposits on your body that are resistant to diet and exercise. There are several techniques to liposuction and Dr. Wallach will help determine the most suitable one for your individual needs and aesthetic goals.

What can liposuction do

  • Since it requires a small incision, liposuction leaves a smaller scar than any other body contouring procedure you undergo.
  • The operating time for liposuction is shorter than any other body contouring procedure like a tummy tuck; since liposuction is less invasive, the recovery time period after your procedure is also shorter.
  • Liposuction patients have a high rate of satisfaction as they enjoy a slimmer appearance and their clothes fit better.

What liposuction isn’t

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. Your surgeon will not recommend liposuction in place of eating healthy or an exercise regimen to get rid of those extra kilos. In fact, the first recommendation Dr. Wallach gives to his patients is to try diet and exercise to lose weight first before you consider getting liposuction. An ideal patient for liposuction should be about 20 pounds near their ideal weight in addition to having a firm and elastic skin.

What can liposuction not do

  • Liposuction cannot help you eliminate cellulite. If your concern is the appearance of cellulite then there are other procedures, you can opt for.
  • You cannot get permanent results from liposuction. Aging, weight gain or a future pregnancy will alter your liposuction results. Even though liposuction will help you lose some fat cells, the ones that are left behind can increase in size when you gain weight in the future. You will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you wish to enjoy your beautiful results for a longer time.
  • Liposuction is the perfect procedure to remove subcutaneous fat which is located right below your skin. This is the soft fat like what you feel when you poke your jiggly belly. Your body also has about 10 percent visceral fat or the fat around your organs and liposuction cannot help with the elimination of this kind of fat. Dr. Wallach will help you understand the two kinds of fat in detail during your consultation.
  • You may need a skin tightening procedure in combination with liposuction for optimum results. When your skin has good elasticity, it will conform to your new shape easily after liposuction. However, in case of less elasticity, you may require an additional surgery that will help remove the loose skin to give you firmer contours.

Now that you have read this, you will have understood that liposuction may be highly beneficial, but it is not a magical cure for your body. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Wallach, he will help you determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Whether as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other procedures, he will use liposuction to help you eliminate unwanted fat and achieve the body you always desired.

I Love Dr. Steven Wallach, hands up with praise and his receptionist Ashley and other staff is amazing. I love my new Wallach body if I could rate 100 stars I would.

Melisa G.

New York, NY

I got Lipo 360 and Lipo done to my inner thighs and it was honestly the best experience . Everyone in the office including him make sure I knew everything that was happening and honestly I love the results so much !!

Brittani P.

New York, NY

I’m so happy with the results from the Botox shots that Dr. Wallach performed on me. He spent a lot of time talking about the different fillers that would make my face look the most natural and youthful.


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