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The Top Beauty Trends for 2021


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by Dr. Steven Wallach

2021 is the perfect time to refresh your appearance and rock a new look as you enter the new year. It’s important to know what styles and trends are available to determine which ones fit your personality and complement your natural features. If you want a few ideas on how to have fun with your make-up and skincare products, here are a few top beauty trends to try for 2021.

Natural Skincare

Many people are becoming more conscious of the ingredients they use on their skin when trying to cleanse their pores and reduce fine lines. Plant-based skincare is having a moment because of how safe it is to use on different types of skin, especially for those who are prone to irritation and breakouts. You won’t have to worry about toxins or chemicals entering the bloodstream when you use natural remedies, and you can ensure that your health is protected while improving the quality of your skin.

All-Natural Hair

More people are spending less time styling their hair and causing damage to their locks in 2021. All-natural hair is increasing in popularity as people are showing off their natural curls and waves. You can get ready in half the time each morning and help your hair become healthier and stronger with less heat and product applied.

If you prefer to keep your hair out of the face, consider trying fun and playful hairstyles like braids. You can even add a few colorful highlights or accessories to make it fun and unique.

Better Scalp Care

Scientific scalp care is a new trend in 2021 if you need to regrow hair or reduce sweating. Consider liquid gold injections, which are proven to reduce hair loss in men and women and can promote regrowth of the hair on the follicles. Supplements are also available to improve the health of your hair and contain a lot of natural vitamins and nutrients to boost the hair growth and the strength of your strands. Those who tend to sweat too much on their scalp can even try getting Botox injections to keep their hair oil-free while still staying active.

Advanced Beauty Tools

From laser hair products to contouring gadgets, there are a number of advanced beauty products emerging in the industry to allow you to have the freedom to improve your the way you look and feel. Whether you want to remove hair or reduce the appearance of cellulite on different areas of the body, beauty products have become more advanced to allow consumers to use them in the comfort of their homes and experience quicker results.

If you prefer to leave the contouring and reshaping to a board-certified surgeon, consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Steven Wallach to discover more options available.

Learning the top beauty trends for 2021 can allow you to discover new ways to enhance your appearance and feel confident and comfortable in your skin. You can rock a new look and reduce signs of aging with at-home treatments or by visiting a professional.

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