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Tips For Recovery from a Brazilian Butt Lift


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by Dr. Steven Wallach

It’s no secret that many women would give anything to have a well-shaped and natural-looking butt. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery is the latest development in plastic surgery that allows women to boost their butt and refine other proportions of their bodies. The procedure has become popular among women from across the world, and it is now the most sought-after plastic surgery procedure in the world today.

What is Brazilian butt lift?

The increased popularity of Brazilian Butt Lift is due to the excellent level of enhancement and contouring it provides to your body. Unlike most of the other plastic surgery procedures, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery utilizes your fat to boost the shape and size of your buttocks. A plastic surgeon removes unwanted fats from donor parts in your body via liposuction, purifies the fat, and then carefully injects into the targeted areas of the buttocks.

A successful Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure can give you a well-shaped, natural-looking butt that you desire. Although the procedure is quite effective in enhancing an individual’s natural looks, it is associated with an extended downtime and recovery period. After a successful Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, patients have a crucial role to play to ensure a smooth recovery process. The transplanted fat is somewhat delicate, and therefore you need to follow your surgeon’s instructions to the letter. The following tips can help in smoothing the recovery process following a successful Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Initial recovery

Following a successful Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you should expect some swelling and bruising in the areas where the surgeon harvested the body fat. Any pain or discomfort experienced after the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery can be managed by taking prescription pain killers. The initial recovery process varies with each patient, but most often, people require bed rest for a day or two. Some patients can feel a little bit constipated after the BBL surgery. Moving around can help to ease constipation.

Compression garment

Following a successful BBL surgery, your surgeon will put you in a special compression garment. The special compression garment is designed to support your new butt and promote healing in areas where body fat was harvested.

Avoid sitting directly on your butt

The golden rule of Brazilian Butt Lift is that you should not sit directly on your buttocks for at least two months. Sitting on your butt might compromise your chances of a smooth recovery process. If you have to sit, make sure that you sit on a special BBL pillow.

Exercise lightly

Any strenuous exercise during the first week of the BBL surgery can compromise the results. However, Steven Wallach MD recommends light exercises in the first and second month after surgery to aid in the recovery process. Simple activities such as walking are highly recommended in the first two months to improve blood circulation and speed up the healing process. Once you heal, you can now resume high-intensity exercises such as jogging and running.

If you have been considering getting Brazilian butt lift, Steven Wallach MD will take you through the process. Reach us through our contact information to book an appointment and enjoy top-notch transformation from our very own top cosmetic surgeon, Steven Wallach MD.

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