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What are Different Kinds of Facelifts?


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by Dr. Steven Wallach

People often do a lot of research before considering a facelift. As they conduct their research, they begin to recognize that there are a variety of different kinds of facelifts. There are several aspects that you should understand before proceeding in your facelift process to determine what kind is the best option for you. There are three main facelifts to consider, the upper facelift, the mid-facelift, and the lower facelift. 

What’s the Difference in Each Facelift Technique?

It is important to understand what surgeons mean when they are talking about the different kinds of procedures. The upper facelift is referencing surgical lifts to everything above your eyes, specifically your forehead and your brow line. The midface facelift focuses on lifting the middle areas of the face from the corners of the mouth to the corners of the eyes. This typically includes the cheeks, nose, and the upper lift. The lower facelift focuses on lifting everything under the corners of the mouth. This typically includes the jawline, nasolabial folds, and possibly even the neck or chin. 

Most people don’t understand the technical term of the facelift. Many people expect surgeons to treat all three areas of the face, but they typically treat the lower two-thirds of the face. They focus on lifting what’s below the ears. The upper facelift, which is often called a brow lift, is considered a different procedure. Many people get the brow lift at the same time as the facelift, depending on the needs and desires of the patient. 

Why Do People Get Facelifts?

There are a number of reasons why people choose to get plastic surgery. However, people looking for a facelift are often looking to restore the appearance of the face. As people age, the shape of the face is often altered because of age-related changes. When you grow older, your skin begins to lose elasticity, causing sagging. The fat deposits often begin to change around the face too.

Many people are looking to correct the excess skin that begins to develop around the lower jaw while also fixing the folds of skin from the corner of the mouth to the side of the nose, otherwise known as the nasolabial folds. Some people are also looking to improve the sagging appearance of the cheeks or sagging skin in the neck. 

Which Facelift is right for me?

To choose the right facelift for you, you need to consult with your surgeon. Though understanding the terms is important, it is also important to get the right facelift for your needs. It is often customized according to your concerns. By speaking with Dr. Wallach, he will examine your face, listen to your desires and concerns, and go over your medical history to help choose the procedure that will be most beneficial to you. 


New York City has a number of incredible board-certified plastic surgeons, including Dr. Steven Wallach. He was a member of the Hall of Fame for Real Self. He has been recognized as one of the “Best Beauty Docs” by New York Magazine. He specializes in performing plastic surgery for the face and body. He was the president and member of the New York Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

 He is also an active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and he is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. If you are considering getting a facelift, contact Dr. Wallach to make a consultation appointment. 

I Love Dr. Steven Wallach, hands up with praise and his receptionist Ashley and other staff is amazing. I love my new Wallach body if I could rate 100 stars I would.

Melisa G.

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I got Lipo 360 and Lipo done to my inner thighs and it was honestly the best experience . Everyone in the office including him make sure I knew everything that was happening and honestly I love the results so much !!

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I’m so happy with the results from the Botox shots that Dr. Wallach performed on me. He spent a lot of time talking about the different fillers that would make my face look the most natural and youthful.


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