Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery

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As per ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), more than 17 million people have opted for cosmetic surgical procedures. Also known as a ‘nose job’, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures today. Thousands of patients choose to undergo rhinoplasty, both for the functional as well as cosmetic enhancement of the nose. In most cases, the results achieved with the procedure are life changing.

In most popular culture, we do not hear about all of the amazing things that undergoing cosmetic surgery can do. More often than not, when people think of a “nose job,” they have a negative connotation with it due to tabloids or TV shows. Every year, thousands of people undergo rhinoplasty and get fantastic results. So, stop listening to the negativities in popular culture and start listening to real patient reviews.

What are the benefits of getting rhinoplasty surgery?

There are several reasons why people opt for rhinoplasty. Usually, the procedure is done either to enhance the appearance of the nose by altering its shape or size; or it is performed for eliminating issues caused due to an injury or structural abnormality. Here are the specific benefits you can enjoy with the rhinoplasty procedure:

  1. Regaining your confidence – since a crooked or bulbous nose changes the entire facial harmony, rhinoplasty is a great option to regain your self-image and confidence.
  • Improvement in breathing – if you have been facing breathing issues for a long time now or suffer from a congenital breathing problem, rhinoplasty can make a huge difference to your breathing.
  • Fixing a broken or injured nose – a fall, accident, or fight can lead to nasal deformities that affect the functionality as well as the appearance of the nose. Additionally, it can also be painful to live with a broken nose. Rhinoplasty fixes your broken nose, correcting both the function and look of your nose.
  • Correction of birth defects – rhinoplasty offers dramatic changes with the correction of birth defects like masses, clefts, lumps, and underdevelopment of the nose. This surgery has life-changing potential.
  • Restoration of facial symmetry – you can restore facial harmony with rhinoplasty that can address various issues like crooked or misshapen nose or a bulbous tip.
  • Bullying in schools – as per the National Center for Educational Studies, almost 1 in 3 students face bullying in school since they ‘look different’.
  • Snoring – nasal deformities and septum deviation are some of the reasons that cause snoring. Even though most of us joke about it, snoring leads to many life-impacting issues like poor sleep and relationship problems.
  • Increase in confidence and better career prospects – when your self-confidence increases, you perform better in your job. Even appraisals and promotions come easier to those who appear young and attractive.

There are many advantages for opting to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure.  However, it is important that you are aware of what the procedure can do for you specifically. If you are considering a rhinoplasty procedure, you must consult a well-experienced surgeon like Dr. Wallach who has the artistic skills to offer optimal results with a complicated surgery like rhinoplasty.

Steven Wallach MD

Steven Wallach MD

Dr. Wallach is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City who specializes in performing cosmetic procedures of the face, breast and body. As one of the cutting edge experts in the field, Dr. Wallach consults on a regular basis with people in the beauty, media, and publishing worlds.

Meet Dr. Wallach

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